4 lanes with the newest machines available will allow you to improve your swing. Also, by using dimpled balls with  the different pitches, the curve or drop of the ball will be accentuated giving you a better understanding of the pitch.

swing analysis


Our pitching machines can be used as low pitches for grounding drills.  Using the machines, with all of the pitches available, will help you understand the flight path.  You will also learn to identify the type of pitch being thrown before it hits the glove.

The swing analysis will take your batting to the next level. It will measure your batting stance, swing and timing. It will show how and where you swing the bat.  It will give you an understanding of what may or may not need to be changed.

The Dugout is a family oriented baseball and softball facility open to the public that will help in teaching the fundamentals of the game and in that will make better batters, fielders and catchers.  The Dugout will coach, assist, lead and be a member of the community that will stand firmly for the love and game of baseball and softball.  Baseball is one of the oldest games and is America's greatest past time.  We want to continue the legacy that baseball has been by helping the community and players become the best that they can become and enjoy the game.  So come on out and see the newest batting cages in Florence.